Best Page Builder For WordPress Blog (2019)

Do you want to give your blog a unique look?

if yes, then you need to have a page builder for doing that.

so today i will introduce you with the best page builder for setting up an wordPress blog.

Best Page Builder For WordPress Blog (2019)

so without wasting your much time Let’s get into this post.

What Is Page Builder and Why Do We Need It?

A Page Builder Is A Tool Which Helps To Customize Your Blog And Build Pages For Your Blog, We Need A Page Builder If We Are Not Having The Coding Knowledge And If We Want To Easily Customize Your Blog Without Wasting Much Time.

So basically in this article we will talk about two page builders which are elementor and thrive architect, and we will discuss about their pros and Cons and at last we will Finished the best page builder among them.

So Let’s start with elementor.

Elementor Page Builder

Elementor page builder provides a great user interface and it is easy to use, elementor is designed for freelancer and it is the only page builder which Offers  pixel perfect design.

this page builder is used widely for design website like – personal blogs, e-com sites and many more type of sites, it have many elements for making a website look great.

It will help you in Designing, marketing, development and many more, this is the only page builder which will help you to make an e – commerce, you need not to be a Professional web designer to use elementor even a person who know to use mouse and keyboard can make a website with elementor.

Here are some pros and cons for elementor.



Easy To Use And Come With A Good UI

Not a real Time Editor

Best E – Com Site Builder

Updating Does Not Work Properly

Comes With FREE Version

Have to renew the licence

can make  pixel perfect design

Not Able to style paragraph

Most highest Elements Page Builder.

Not Have Good Responsive Option

so if you are Satisfied with the specification of elementor and if this meets your requirements then you can purchase it or you can download it for free from WordPress Plugin section.

here is the process to download elementor page builder on WordPress for FREE.

Step 01: Login To Your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 02: now go to PLUGIN section in Your WordPress Blog.

step 03: now click on add new.

Step 04: Now Click on the search bar and Type Elementor and press ENTER.

Step 05: Now Click On The First PLUGIN named As Elementor and Click On Install.

step 06: Now Click On aCTIVATE and Then Elementor Will Be Activated.

So What are you waiting for, go and grab elementor free plugin and start designing your pages with it.

Now Let’s talk about thrive architect.

Thrive Page Builder

thrive architect img

thrive architect is a fast visual page builder for wordPress, You Can create  beautiful, engaging and visually impressive content & layouts using thrive architect.

Thrive Architect has a simple and attractive user interface which helps to increase the work speed, If you want to change any thing you can change it by just clicking on it the technology is called as “click to edit” and this make thrive architect different from other page builders.

Their are 274 pre-Designed landing pages in the thrive architect, you just need to import them on your page and do little changes into it and then publish it, this saves a lot of time.

it have pre-built conversion element which help to reduce the burden to install dozens of plugin you can simply use the pre installed elements and customize your blog accordingly you like.

now Let’s talk about pros and cons of thrive architect page builder.



Have simple look and good design

Free version and trail not available

Best Visual Page Builder

Have Limited Elements

274 Pre-Designed Page Available

Not Good For e-com sITES

Click To Edit Feature Available

not Provides Good Back End Options

Most highest Elements Page Builder.

Custom Theme Design Not Available

So If You Are Satisfied With The Specification Of Thrive Architect and it meets your requirements then you can buy this plugin by clicking on “bUY NOW” BUTTON.

Method to download thrive architect on wordPress blog.

step 01: Click on the Above Button “BUY NOW”

Step 02: Now Buy Any Plan Of Thrive architect.

step 03: now you will get an plugin.

step 04: now go to your wordPress Dashboard.

step 05: now go to plugin section.

step 06: now click on add new and then click on upload plugin.

step 07: Now Browse your plugin and click on install.

step 08: now click on activate Plugin.

Now you have Successfully completed installing Thrive Architect Page builder on your wordPress site.

Now Let’s talk about the best out of both Page Builders and choose the best out of both.

According to me thrive architect is best for blogs and simple website but if you are going to build an e commerce website or some complex websites then you should go with elementor pro.

Both of the page builders are great but i Personally use thrive architect for setting up my blogs and i use elementor for my e commerce shops.

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