How to Start a Blog [Under 40 Minutes or Less]

Here’s the deal:

If you are fed up of your desk job and want to leave it, then blogging makes it happen.

There are thousands of peoples who are making money from blogging while sleeping, you can also become one of them.

These things can become possible for you also if you are taking a decision to start a blog.

If you want to start a blog but you have no idea where to start a blog, then I will guide you through 5 steps process to start a blog in 2019.

Start A Blog

Step 1: Niche selection, select a niche which makes your blog success and brings traffic to your blog.

Step 2: Get a domain for your blog, that you won’t regret later.

Step 3: Find a good web hosting provider.

Step 4: Step a WordPress blog and make your site live.

Step 5: Customize your blog.

Step 1: select a niche which makes your blog success and brings traffic to your blog (Decide the topic on which you’ll start your blog)

Niche selection is the most important part of starting a blog.

If you are going to start a blog then you need to find a topic on which everyone talks about, a topic which has high search volume and high engagement rate.

Doing a proper niche will increase the success ration of your blog.

I’ve got exponential traffic growth in many of my blogs because of choosing a good and highly engaging niche…

If you wanna grow your blog then you can do the Niche research first of all.

To find a good and profitable niche you can watch videos on youtube related niche research.

here’s a video which can help you…

Hope this will help you.

Step 2: Get a domain for your blog, that you won’t regret later (Buy a domain name related to your niche)

This part isn’t very important.

Stop wasting your time on naming your blog, many popular bloggers don’t waste their much time on naming their blog.

Eric Barker started his blog  Barking Up The Wrong Tree on the domain name, and now he receives millions of visitors every month.

You won’t believe me?

See the stats!

Now I think you will not waste your much time on naming your blog…

So, if you have selected a name for your blog, let’s buy it.

You can buy your domain from a good and trusted domain name provider like GoDaddy, I personally use Godaddy for buying domains because they provide good customer support and their provides all the features which a domain name provider should have.

Step 3: Find a Good Web Hosting Provider

Before you buy hosting, let’s understand what is a web hosting and what is the use of a web hosting.

Web Hosting: websites are the batch of files you need a place on the Internet to put these files. This place is called a server. Web Hosting providers let you lease server space. Without this, there would be no website.

If you want to buy a web hosting then you can go with this provides the best hosting, I personally use this hosting on many of my websites which receives millions of traffic every month.

Step 4: Step a WordPress blog and make your site live

Now if you have been done with the domain and hosting, now you need to set up your blog on WordPress to make your site live…

WordPress is a CMS (content management system) and this is the most advanced CMS and almost all bloggers are using WordPress.

If you are a new blogger then I’ll suggest you go with WordPress because it has many features and functions which will help you in growing your blog fast…

So if you wanna go with WordPress then you can watch a video tutorial on “how to set up a WordPress blog” there are thousands of tutorials present of youtube.

You can go with this one…

Step 5: Customize your blog

Customizing your blog plays an important role in the growth of your blog…

You can customise your blog by using a good theme.

I’m using a theme name as Generate Press, I use this theme on many of my website and micro niche blogs because this theme is simple & responsive and this has a good UI (user interface) you can also go with this theme.

Now your blog is ready to rock!

So if you like this article and find it helpful then please share it with your friends who want to start a blog.


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