Increase Your Blog Traffic With Free Resources [2019]

Do you want to increase your blog traffic?

If yes, then in this article I’ll tell you about some free resources to increase your blog traffic.

This helped me to increase my website traffic for free.

The above snapshot is the traffic stats of my 2-month-old website.

So, are you ready to know how I’m getting all this traffic?

Increase Your Website Traffic 

So, I’ve increased my website traffic by using some free platforms like – Quora and Facebook, I’ve worked on all these platforms for a few weeks and after that, I’ve seen massive traffic on my website.

All these platforms are now giving great results to me, and now I’m working regularly on them.

Now let me introduce you with the working module which I’ve used with all the platform.

Working Module Of Quora

Now it’s have been almost 2 years I’ve been working on Quora, and in these 2 years I’ve created almost 15 accounts on Quora and among them, 5 are giving me massive traffic on my blogs and because of it now I’m making $10K from Google AdSense every month from my all 5 websites.

Increase AdSense Revenue

The above screenshot is my earnings proof.

Now the questions come how did I generate this much traffic from Quora.

I have started a website in 2016 and I wasn’t getting traffic on that website.

at the end of the year 2016, I was searching for a traffic source then I heard about Quora and then I’ve created an account on Quora.

But the problem is I don’t even know about any topic, so I got a plan I’ve started copying the answers from various other website and slowly that worked for me and I’ve received around 5.24 Million users from my all Quora accounts.

That was amazing, isn’t it?

So you can also try this amazing method to get success on Quora.

Traffic From Facebook

I’m new at facebook traffic but I’m receiving around 150k Users from Facebook every month by using a simple formula.

I’ve created a Facebook page before 5 months and now I’m receiving a good amount of traffic from it, the thing I did that I created a Memes page and then I started posting Memes regularly.

I was posting 10 to 15 Memes daily.

After 3 Months when there were total 1253 Memes on my facebook page then I started a website with the name of my page and on that website.

I’ ‘ve posted all Memes which was on my facebook page and then I started promoting my website on my page.

Now that website gives me 30 to 40 dollars every day and in future, it will give more because my page and website both are growing very fast.



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