Basic Introduction To CPA Marketing (Quick Growth Guidebook)

Think ! You are at the beach or your home on your bed and daily making 1000$.

Sounds Weird!

But it’s true.

Maxbounty income proof

I know, you have tried lots of ways to make a good amount of money for you.

But anything didn’t work for you.

But, Have you heard about CPA marketing or can make money from this.

If You heard that kind of statement from someone then it’s true. You can make money by doing CPA marketing.

Even, A very high amount of money.

But, are you still confused?

What to do?

How to do? 

What all this is?

 Then, keep reading this article…

I will discuss with you all about CPA marketing and how you can make money from it.

First, Let’s understand one thing.

That is,

What is CPA Marketing?

CPA is known as Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition.

CPA game is between three persons – Advertisers, Publishers and User.

You as a Publisher promote Advertisers offers to the User. When the user does any action through your reference. You get a commission.

That’s how, CPA Marketing works.

Now, The little bit hard thing is, How to get those actions from user Which will help you to earn a commission.

Don’t Worry! I will guide everything about CPA Marketing in this article.

Hope! You understood What is CPA Marketing and How it works.

Now, Are you ready to make money through CPA marketing?

Let take a look of some:

Best CPA Marketing Networks

  1. Maxbounty 
  2. PeerFly
  3. GlobalWide Media
  4. ClickDealer 
  5. CPA Lead
  6. Matomy 
  7. Crack Revenue

These are few CPA Marketing Networks, you can join them to promote their offers.

But, It’s getting hard to get approval from these networks.

Because They all are reputed Companies in their field and they approve only experienced affiliate marketers.

So, before applying for these networks.

Make sure! You have a good affiliate marketing portfolio to show them. They ask for it.

Sometimes, CPA networks like Maxbounty take interview of their applicants.

Because they don’t want to permit any of newbies to join their platform.

It creates a problem for Advertisers and Affiliate Networks.

Just to make money Newbies do anything and sometimes do nothing.

They only want experienced marketers to promote their offers.

So Keep your affiliate marketing portfolio with you like Email List, Other Affiliate Payments etc.

Now, I’m assuming.

You have understood, What is CPA and How it works and What are CPA affiliate Networks and also you have Affiliate portfolio with you.

Next step is,

Apply For CPA Affiliate Networks

You have find out your CPA network and also you have your affiliate marketing portfolio.

Now, It’s time to apply for the CPA networks.

But, Don’t be in a Hurry!

Take your time and fill the application form properly. Because little mistakes can be the reason for your application rejection.

So, take your time and if you’re getting stuck and anywhere. Ask for someone expert or take help.

Don’t decide himself. You are doing everything fine.

Promote Offer:

If, You got the approval from CPA Networks. Then, it’s time to promote their offers and make money.

But, before promoting any offer lot’s of things comes up.

Like – What’s your offer, Best Traffic source according to offer, Landing page or Website and much more.

The main game begins from here:

You have to find out profitable offer and traffic for that offer, actually a converting traffic source.

If you are choosing the wrong traffic source for your offers.

Then, Chances are high you will lose your money.

So, before promoting any offer read this…

Offers: Offer means product or deal. Which you will show to the user and try to get action from them on it. It’s maybe like Downloading Something, Purchasing Something, Joining Email Letter etc.

Traffic Source: The platform where you will promote your offers Which you got from the CPA networks. Like – Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Now the question is,

How to find out the best offer for you?

Listen, Guys! You will get lot’s of categories and offers in CPA networks.

You don’t have to too much worry about it.

You just have to pick up right one offer Which you can promote easily.

If you are a beginner. Then don’t run for a very high amount of offer.

Because You will get the money.

When the user does any action by your referral link.

In the begging, Choose medium quality offer which you can promote it easily and at least start making some dollars.

When You get pro-level then you can promote any offer.

Now, You find out your offer. It’s time to Find out the right traffic source for the right offer.

How to Choose Traffic source for an offer?

This is a very important point. You have to remember it always before promoting any offer.

Because the Wrong choice of traffic source can water your money.

For example – Instagram is best for Fashion and Style. There it’s hard to other items.

Same, Facebook is good for brand awareness and also good for sell all kind of items.

Mostly, CPA Marketing is done with the help of Facebook ads.

You just have to learn about how to basics of Facebook ads manager after that you will learn more through your experience.

Like – About Targeting, FB Pixels, Ads Copy, Title, Meta Description etc.

Now, You are just one step away from promoting your CPA offers.

That is,

Landing Pages Vs Website 

See, Both have their advantages and disadvantages. So there instead of talking about their advantage or disadvantages.

I would like to tell you which is the best for which condition?

Landing pages: Landing Pages best to choose for CPA marketing. Most of the CPA marketers use the landing page to promote the offer.

Because It takes very less or no time to get ready and When it comes to promoting daily 3-5 different offers.

It’s a very difficult task to create a separate website for each offer.

Websites: In the case of CPA marketing, Websites are rarely used to promote offers. Website is good. When we have any long term offer.

Which will bring daily dollars to our account?

As I mentioned above, Creating a website for every offer is difficult and also costly.

Conclusion: CPA marketing is amazing if you want to make money online. You just need some investment, CPA Networks approval, Landing and most important a selection of best offer and traffic source. Hope! By this article. You got somehow of CPA marketing and how you can make money from it.

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