Make Money From CPA Marketing (2019)

Do you wanna make some money from CPA marketing?

If your answer is Yes, then you need to read this article fully.

Here in this article, I’ll tell you how to make money from CPA marketing.

The techniques which I’ll tell in this guide are proven and I’ve used these techniques to generate 6K dollar to 10K dollar every month.

Do you need proof of my earnings?

CPA Marketing

Humans lie, the number doesn’t…

The above is the snapshot of my earnings which I’ve made before 2 months…I was a success in making this revenue because I’ve used the exact strategies which I’ll share here.

So, not wasting your much time let’s get started.

Make Money From CPA Marketing (2019)

For making money from CPA marketing you need to know how to promote your CPA offer to get high ROI rates.

CPA means (Cost Per Action) means when someone gives an action to your offer then you will get revenue from it.

Basically, I was promoting an Email Submit Offer and I was using facebook and snapchat ADS for it.

So firstly I chose an offer then I’ve generated a Tracking link

And then I’ve made a landing page and then I started to promote that landing page through Paid Social Media Ads.

I have spent over $2500 to make this revenue and my ROI was around 4…

I’ve launched 50+ campaigns on facebook and snap chat and I’ve kept $50 and Probably 32 campaigns worked out and they provided me huge revenue…

my average CPLPV (cost per landing page view) was $0.14 and I have got total 17500+ landing page views.

And the total click that came on my maxbounty account was 50k.

And the total leads I got was 4755 and I was getting 2$ on every lead.

I’m providing a CPA mentorship and a very reasonable price of $50 and I will teach the A to Z process to make $100/day from CPA marketing.

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