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I’ve been in blogging since last 3 years and I’ve started many blogs and got success in many of them.

Today in this article I’ll tell you the case study of my micro-niche blog that drives 1.3Million traffic.

Before We Start Let me show my Google Analytics report.

This is the traffic report of my site and it has almost drive 1.4M Traffic.

So, do you want to know how I did it?

1 Million Traffic From 5 Articles

I’m doing micro niche blogging for the last 3 years and I’ve started many blogs some got successful and some got failure.

And this is the case study of my one blog from which I generated almost $5000 and it was wonderful.

In this blog, I’ve Published total 5 Article with good on-page SEO.

Article Structure:

Length – 3000 Words/Article

Images – 5-10 High-Quality Images/Article

Keywords – 5-7 Keywords/Article

This is the article structure which I use in my micro-niche blogs and this works fine for me.

After Writing 5 Article I started making backlinks and started promoting my blog.

I was making 10 backlinks per day on my blog and I’ve continued it for 3 months and my blog started getting organic search traffic from google, bing, yahoo.

At the starting, I made $200/Month from this blog but after 2-3 months it increased to $1000/month and In 8 Months I’ve made $4200 but after that my blog ranking was decreased because I stopped working on it and In 4 Months I could make total $800 And Now this blog is not getting much traffic.

My blog was on an application which was very trending and I was using Google AdSense as my monetisation platform.

So if you want to make money from blogging but you don’t want to write much stuff then you can start a micro niche blog and you can work on it and you will see the results in few months.

if you need traffic on your blog then you can contact me on my email which is [email protected]

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