How To Write SEO Article For Your WordPress Blog

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If Yes, Then Here I Have Some Tips For Writing An SEO Article.

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How To Write SEO Article For Your WordPress Blog

What Is An SEO Article?

The Articles Which are Properly Optimized For The Search Engines are known as SEO Articles, They are Like Normal Articles but are Optimized Properly, You Can Also Understand The Basics of Writing an SEO Article After Reading This Article Fully.

What Are The Requirements For Writing An SEO Article?

If You Are Thinking to Write SEO articles for your blog then you need to meet some requirements, which are given below.

  1. Keywords for targeting the content
  2. Well Optimized Images
  3. An SEO Tools, Like Yoast
  4. A good and attractive title

So, if you meet all these requirements then we can future proceed toward our main SEO article Writing Structure.

Let’s move into it!

So After you have collected all those keywords, images and your title, you need to know about how to write a blog post which has a good SEO score.

How To Write a Blog Post Which Has Good SEO Score?

Now you need now about writing a good article which has a good SEO score.

So When You Are Writing a Blog Post then you need to notice a few things which are given below.

  1. Title of your article or blog post
  2. Links connected to your blog post
  3. Image ALT tags
  4. Focused Keywords

Title of your article or BLOG POST

Title of your blog covers a big part of SEO in your blog posts before you write a blog post you need to find a good title which includes your keyword and some more important part of your article which you are going to write on.

you can find awesome titles for your blog on, from here you can get amazing topics for your blog posts.

Hubspot blog idea generator

Links Connected With Your Article

Links which are connected with your articles play an important role in SEO, because when you write an SEO Article and if you are putting links in it then your ranking chance is increased because links pass authority to your blog post.

Image ATL Tag

The ALT tag of your images are equally responsible for your article SEO because the ALT tag of your images tells about the image, you should use your targeted keywords in your ALT tags, you need to put the keywords in your ALT tag in which keywords you wanna rank your image.

What is ALT Tags

Focused Keywords

Focused keywords are those words which are targeted on your article for getting ranked on it, if someone searches about that keywords and if your article is focused on that keyword that your article will come on the search result.

Now if you have done with all the requirements then we can further proceed on how to write the article.

So writing an SEO optimized article is a simple task but its not an easy task when you are going to write an SEO optimized article then you need to write at least 500 words article, and you need to provide images, graphics and videos into it.

Process of Writing SEO Articles

There are no major differences between Simple Articles and Search Engine Optimized Articles, but the main difference is the additional item which is present in an SEO Optimized Article.

So let’s go.

Step 01: Write an Article of 500 or more words and make the sentence small (below 20 words).

Step 02: The first heading of your article should be in (H2) Format and your heading should contain your targeted keyword, and you should use at least 5 to 10 headings in your article.

Step 03: Use Alteast 5 Images in your article and if possible then you can use videos in your article this will increase your SEO score and you should fill ALT and Description of your image and video.

Step 04: Use Internal and Internal Links in your article this will increase the authority of your website and will pass link juice to your article.

Now you have successfully written an SEO optimized Article.

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